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Whither the Workplace?

Whither the Workplace?

Silicon Valley and San Francisco combine to make the most vibrant technology center in the world. Both startup and established companies recognize they are taken more seriously when they have a Silicon Valley presence, and increasingly companies that peripherally rely on technology are adding think tanks and research centers in Silicon Valley as a way to stay on top of the head-spinningly fast rate of technological change. Read more about Whither the Workplace?

Work and the NextGen Office

Work and the NextGen Office

The Architect magazine this month has a feature on work –  you can learn more at their website – it’s an important topic, because we mostly do too much of it.

On the front page of the article is a drawing that lists some of the activities we enjoy (endure?) in the workplace:

  • focus
  • nurture
  • nourish
  • meet
  • research
  • grow.

It’s a good list, but I think it misses something really important. In my experience there are two very different kinds of focus work.

Read more about Work and the NextGen Office