Red SymbolOur mission is simple…

To contribute materially to the business success of our clients by increasing the real value they deliver to their customers.

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The most strategic thing you can do is to create more value, and to better communicate and deliver that value to customers who care. Our services are focused specifically on this goal. If you want to create more value and grow your business, we can help.


Business and market strategy

How do you deploy all the resources at your disposal most effectively? How do you establish goals and measures of success for your business? Strategy breaks the barriers between functions in your business to create alignment, focus and synergy.

Brand strategy and positioning

A brand is a promise that creates a preference. Developing a credible, defensible, valuable promise is the first task of branding and positioning.

Market research

Qualitative market research focuses on understanding underlying mechanisms in the market, rather than statistics about the market. Do you know your key strengths and why your customers buy?

Product launch management

Getting products out the door successfully means thinking about time-to-volume and time-to-profit. It’s much more than just hitting the shelves on time. It can make or break a product and a company.

Channel strategy

So many corporate initiatives fail because the sales channel doesn’t understand, or isn’t structured to execute effectively. Yet most sales people are highly motivated. Channel strategy ensures they have the tools they need, and the systems to be successful.

Corporate values and mission development

Understanding and aligning your team around a set of values, and a common vision and mission is the foundation of a well-run business.

Marketing communications planning

Once you have a strategy and a business goal, it must be communicated effectively to the market. By using one team for the strategy and for launch and communications planning, you maximize your chances for success.

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