Sales and Marketing MindXchange

I just returned from three interesting days in Tempe, Arizona, at the Frost and Sullivan Sales and Marketing MindXchange. This is a highly interactive event – workshops, facilitated discussions, and a lot of networking.

I was somewhat skeptical at first, but it turned out to be a good thing for several reasons:

  1. The quality of the participants was high. From many different branches of marketing, and many different kinds of businesses, so diverse experiences and challenges.
  2. The interactivity – which meant we could benefit from all the experiences of the different people.
  3. Some great speakers – the two best in my view were Martha Rogers (of 1:1 Marketing fame) and Vincent Cho from Intuit, who gave an excellent presentation on the implications of the new Internet technologies on sales and marketing.

The result of these was good networking. Frost and Sullivan also did a great job of keeping the whole thing informal – no ties (well, hardly any), and a very casual atmosphere throughout.

So if you’re in marketing and are interested in getting a broader picture of what’s going on in a range of different markets – this is not a bad way to do it.

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